Tukai Exotics Plant CD-ROM

The Tukai Exotics Plant CD-ROM has been a "first of its kind" effort in the country. With this CD-ROM we have achieved standardisation for plant names. The CD-ROM is a valuable tool for Nurserymen, Horticulturists, Landscapists, Architects, Students and Plant Lovers. The CD-ROM is an effective tool that gives excellent quality pictures, an easy working interface coupled with a powerful selection and presentation facility. An infinite number of lists can be made, stored, and retrieved later for presentation and printing.

Search for plants by...

Select plants and make lists

You can choose from the wide range of plants listed and make quantitative lists. An unlimited number of such listings can be made and stored in your computer. These can be retrieved later for making presentations or changes.

Slide show presentation

Each listing / selection can be displayed as a slide show. The slide show facility is a very powerful tool for taking an overview or for showing clients the plants selected. The slideshow gives an excellent idea of plants, their growth patterns and how they might develop in time.

This CD-ROM is most useful for:

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