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Aechmea nudicaulis marginata
Yellow Margin Bromeliad
Excellent for color in shaded areas
Qty: 20
Acalypha siamensis variegata
Small Leaf Hedge Acalypha, Acalypha Mini
Make a thornless hedge with this beautiful variegated plant
Qty: 200
Ensete ventricosum
Abyssinian Banana, Ornamental Banana
Definately becomes the center of attraction in any garden
Qty: 4
Clerodendrum quadriloculare
Tube Ixora, Star Burst Clerodendron
Beautiful winter flowering tall shrub
Qty: 15
Schizostachyum brachyllum
Philippines Construction Bamboo, Pure Yellow Bamboo, New Golden Bamboo
Excellent new and striking bamboo
Qty: 10
Quisqualis indica plena
Quisqualis Double, Double Rangoon Creeper
The same beautiful climber with masses of double flowers
Qty: 1
Euphorbia pulcherrima sharad
Poinsettia Tukai Bright Orange, Poinsettia Sharad
The worlds first true orange poinsettia
Qty: 10
Strelitzia nicolai
Bird Of Paradise White, Natal Wild Banana.
How about making a screen with this one
Qty: 25
Nephrolepis exaltata dallasii
Dallas Fern
Short and low light tolerant fern
Qty: 15
Combreatum erythrophyllum
Orange Flower Vine, Fur Ball Vine
A new one for our gardens. Can be trained to grow on a fence
Qty: 20
Plumeria pudica
Arrowhead Plumeria, White Nosegay, Amapola Floron, Bashful Frangipani
Erect growing, easy to fit in small spaces
Qty: 6
Clivia miniata
Kafir Lily, Orange Lily
Beautiful ground cover with pretty flowers
Qty: 1
Hyophorbe lagenicaullis, Mascarena lagenicaullis
Champagne Palm, Bottle Palm
Great palm for landscapes
Qty: 16
Triplaris surinamensis, T. weigeltiana
Long Jack, Ant Tree, Long John, Mulato Tree
A pretty flowering tree
Qty: 4
Heliconia psittacorum x marginata mermaid
Heliconia Mermaid, Water Heliconia
Aquatic heliconia for the lily pond
Qty: 10
Petrea volubilis albiflora
Petrea White, White Sandpaper Climber, Patria
A waterfall of white
Qty: 8
Carissa carandas
Karvand Ornamental
A gorgeous plant to grow in your lawn also suitable for container growing
Qty: 4
Philodendron scandens aureum
Philodendron Golden Trailing
A versatile grower both as a ground cover and to cover bare tree trunks
Qty: 50
Guzmania switch
Guzmania Purple
Great for high humidity areas
Qty: 15
Asparagus meyerii
Fox Tail Asparagus
A standard for landscaping
Qty: 20
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