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2500+ plants and 50,000+ photographs is a lot of information. It comprehensively documents plants that you can get and grow in India. website is a valuable tool for:

A considerable amount of time and effort has gone into gathering this information. Moreover the website has been professionally designed in a user friendly way to be of value to home growers as well as professionals.

Use based levels of membership have been designed. There is a lot of free basic information like category and name searches, names, basic photos, growing tips and viewing of slide shows.

The table below explains the facilities in detail

Sr. # Particulars of pages / information / facilities offered Membership levels
Guest Registered Guest Amateur member Professional member
Free Free Paid - basic Paid - more
1 Indiaplants home page Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Plant categories page Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Item of the week page - including all details Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 About us details incl. info. pages for - Tukai Exotics & The Enchanted Gardens Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Plants & Accessories for sale / purchase options & indiaplants offline Yes Yes Yes Yes
6 Name searches - any name search, botanical & common name searches No Yes Yes Yes
7 Plant list with thumbnails (category wise or from searches) No Yes Yes Yes
8 Main display page plant photograph & all thumbnails No Yes Yes Yes
9 Basic plant data - botanical, common, regional names & category No Yes Yes Yes
10 Plant growing tips No Yes Yes Yes
11 Enlarged photographs of all plants No No Yes Yes
12 Detailed plant information No No Yes Yes
13 Making & saving lists No No No Yes
14 Opening, editing & printing of lists No No No Yes
15 Choose photos for slide show No No No Yes
16 View slide show of lists No No Yes Yes
17 Emailing of lists No No Yes Yes
18 Advanced search No No No Yes
19 Printing of advanced search results No No No Yes
20 Commercial growing information No No No Yes
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